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Off the Streets at Age 6

November 10, 2008

Fagin and Oliver – The Asian Twist

Watch Caldecott Productions documentary “Fagin and Oliver” now on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

They started working on the streets at a mere six years of age. They left the warmth and familiarity of their village life, to follow strangers into a hostile city environment to find work, so as to support themselves and send money back to mum and dad. We go into the lives of the street children of Indonesia – Fitri, Robin, Nina and the rest of their friends, to get a feel of the lives they lead on the streets. This is an amazing story of survival- the child. Their innocence, courage and determination to survive amidst the odds against them, is a reflection of the same in us, except that we have forgotten. Celebrate the child in us with this story.

Executive Producer: Ong Hee Yah
Location: Indonesia


Sichuan TV Festival, Gold Panda Awards for Asian Documentary

Watch Caldecott Productions documentary “Fagin and Oliver” now on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

*Only available for online viewers in Singapore
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