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Long John Silver’s Return to Treasure Island

June 8, 2009

Long John Silver
Long John Silver

“The most colorful pirate of all time!”

After his initial adventure and escape from Treasure Island, Long John Silver turns up on a Caribbean island – under the control of the British – where he hears that a bitter rival pirate Mendoza has taken the ship carrying the governor’s daughter and his young friend, the former cabin boy Jim Hawkins. He sets out to save young Jim from the cut throat pirate. However, there is more to his rescue plan than meets the eye as Long John hopes to get a new ship and return to Treasure Island – to seek the treasure not yet lifted there. Things become truly adventurous when Long John and his shipmates meet up with some unexpected surprises along the way.

Robert Newton
Connie Gilchrist
Kit Talyor
Billy Kay
Grant Taylor
Lloyd Berrell

Byron Haskin

Joe Kaufmann

Long John Silver3

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