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The Secret Obsession

February 4, 2009

Secret Obsession

“A father, his illegitimate son, and the woman they both love…”

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Secret Obsession, a drama set in 1955, North Africa, is about the unraveling of French colonial rule in Tunisia. It also revolves around a younger man’s love for an older married woman. A man named Paul is involved romantically with a local nightclub singer named Betty. An Arab teenager, Wanis, who hangs around Paul’s house attempts to spark a romance with his wife. But sooner, Wanis was revealed to be Paul’s illegitimate son from a tryst with a local Arab woman. As the teenager’s attraction to the older white woman starts to get out of bounds, the friction between the Tunisians and the French is also exploding.

Julie Christie
Ben Gazzara
Patrick Bruel
Jean Carmet
Ida DeBenedetto 

Ridha Behi 

Lofti Layouni

Watch the romance – drama movie “Secret Obsession” now on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

*Only available for online viewers in Singapore
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