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One Last Shot!

March 4, 2009

Row Your Boat

“The tougher the fight, the sweeter the victory.”

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Just out of Riker’s Island for taking the fall for his thuggish brother Gil, Jamey is trying to start over after spending years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Eventually, he gets a regular job working for the U.S. Census Bureau as a door to door census taker. On the job, he happens upon Chun Hua who lives with her baby, her grumpy middle-aged husband, and her meddlesome mother-in-law. Taking advantage of her poor English, Jamey asks a series of increasingly personal questions under the guise of official necessity, learning that Chun Hua is desperately lonely in her unhappy arranged marriage. A slow, hesitant relationship develops between the two. Later, Gil stumbles back into Jamey’s life, up to his neck in debt with a blood-thirsty Chinese gangster. As a result, Jamey finds himself and especially Chun Hua in danger.

Cast of Row Your Boat:
Jon Bon Jovi 
Ling Bai
William Forsythe 
Jill Hennessy
Thomas Lennon 
Bridget Moynahan
Diane Cheng

Sollace Mitchell

Lindsay Marx
Charles Reiner
Jennifer Dewis 

Watch Jon Bon Jovi’s movie “Row Your Boat” now for free online on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

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