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Learn from the French Odyssey

November 7, 2008

Rick Stein’s French Odyssey

Watch BBC’s “Rick Stein’s French Odyssey” now for free online on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

rick-stein-french-odyssey-1Starting at the mouth of the mighty Girdone River in Bordeux, award-winning chef Rick Stein embarks on a trip that everyone would love to take – along the rivers of Southern France, sampling the local culinary delights on the way. In this series, Rick’s new home is called Rosa – an eighty-year-old, hundred foot long barge which has been doing the trip for the best part of thirty years. The barge’s captain, Bernard, is a good man to have aboard, not least because he knows the best bars, wine producers and restaurants along the 800 kilometre journey.

Rick is on a gastronomic odyssey to find all the glorious food and wine that France can offer – from eels in cider and buckwheat galettes to entrecôte bordelaise and shad grilled over vine trimmings, sarladaise potatoes fried in duck fat with garlic and parsley, snails Languedoc style and La Bourride, and an epic Bouillabaisse at L’Epuisette a restaurant on La Corniche in Marseille.rick-stein-french-odyssey-3

Rick introduces his French Odyssey with a diary where he conjures up visions of long hot French afternoons spent sipping wine in the sunshine over a lazy lunch, “Beauduc is a smudge on the map somewhere between the Mediterranean and a network of etangs, the salt-water lagoons that are all part of Rhone delta. There’s a restaurant there called Chez Jou Jou, which is any seafood lover’s dream: tellines with aioli as a starter, then loup de mer as the main course – I don’t know if there was any other choice, and I don’t care really – all washed down with copious quantities of ice-cold Picpoul de Pinet. Jack Nicholson’s been there, Dustin Hoffman’s been there, and now me.”

Watch BBC’s “Rick Stein’s French Odyssey” now for free online on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.
“You’ve got to love Rick Stein. Unlike every other TV chef, he’s got no gimmicks, he doesn’t swear and he doesn’t slag off other telly cooks.” Scottish Daily Record

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