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Adventures in the Goldrush

January 19, 2009

The Painted Hills

The Painted Hills is a story about Lassie, who stars as Shep, a loyal dog who seeks to avenge the death of his murdered master in the wild hills of the American frontier.

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A prospector named Jonathan Harvey, whose faithful companion is a rough collie named Shep, looks after the family of his late partner, Martha Blake and her son Tommy. After years of digging in the hills of California, he finally strikes gold. However, before he can share it with the Blakes, his greedy partner Lin Taylor kills Jonathan and attempts to lay claim on the gold. He almost killed Tommy, then poisons Shep, who nearly dies, but ultimately Shep recovers and leads Lin into the mountains, where he falls off a cliff to his death.

Paul Kelly
Bruce Cowling
Gary Gray
Ann Doran
Art Smith

Harold F. Kress

Kenneth Bennett
Chester M. Franklin

Watch the classic movie “The Painted Hills” now for free online on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

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