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A World War II Romance

February 18, 2009

Arch of Triumph

“She possessed him body and soul…”

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Dr. Ravic is an Austrian doctor who helped Jewish people escape from the Nazi regime. He was tortured in a concentration camp but ultimately escaped the clutches of the Nazi’s by fleeing to Paris. Not wanting to look conspicuous, the doctor disguises his true identity, and attempts to carry out his medical duties. However, one fateful night sees him come across Joan Madou as she attempts to kill herself by jumping from a bridge. Ravic prevents her from carrying out the act, and the couple soon begins a passionate romance. But both hide dark secrets from each other and the 2nd World War isn’t the best time to fall in love…

Cast of Arch of Triumph:
Anthony Hopkins
Lesley-Anne Down
Donald Pleasence
Frank Finlay
Joyce Blair

Waris Hussein

Mort Abrahamson
Peter Graham Scott
John Newland 

Watch the romantic drama movie “Arch of Triumph” now on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.

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