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An Amulet. Two Thai Brothers.

August 12, 2009


Metal Immortal

Mr. Yon had a special amulet that he wears all the time. This is a very powerful amulet that protects him from all sorts of danger. Peak came to know of this amulet and wants to buy it from Mr. Yon but Mr. Yon refuses. Mr. Yon then divided the amulet into 2 portions which he gave to each of his sons, Akanee and Wayu. Peak found out about this and sends a gunman to kill them. However, Akanee and Wayu are under the protection of the amulet and cannot be harmed. Peak devised special weapons and successfully captures Akanee.  Wayu goes on a dangerous plan to save his brother.

Eakawut Boonprasertdi
Tatsachon Pongpakawat
Atitaya Sikhanon

Vinai Yeunyong

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