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Two’s company. Three’s a crowd… So what do you do with six? Being single isn’t easy. But at least you’ve got your friends. But what happens when one of your friends falls in love with one of your friends’ friends?


Coupling features six thirty-something mates (involved, formerly involved or looking to become more intimately involved with each other) who get down to the basics of what works in the romance department. Finding themselves in bizarre and compromising situations, they reveal their deepest secrets, confuse the clearest issues and generally try to make their way across the minefield that is love.


Watch The BBC’s Coupling now for free online at WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.


Characters on Coupling


Before he met and fell for Susan, Steve had spent some time trying to finish with the ‘unflushable’ Jane.The main reason he couldn’t do it was that she refused to accept his attempts to finish with her – oh, and she also kept suggesting sex.




The ‘unflushable’ Jane is completely in love with Steve and refuses to be dumped by him. She is willing to wear fishnets,

drop details of lesbian romps and have sex in public toilets – in fact pretty much anything – to keep him.




Pretty and sexy, Susan is an unabashed go-getter. Her uninhibited attitude towards sex and relationships often catches people unawares. Until recently Susan thought she was having a fling with Patrick. Patrick thought it was more serious than a fling, and therefore the ‘ending-it’ rules apply. Now Susan’s fallen for Steve, who is her friend Jeff ’s flatmate. Steve is well advised to check her remote controls.




Sally is Susan’s best friend and a beauty therapist. Attractive and unspeakably vain, she rations her smiles to prevent wrinkle damage. Sally is desperate for a man. She has agreed to go out with Patrick. She doesn’t like him but he has one outstanding asset.





Not the most intellectual of men and very right wing, more often than not Patrick is a bemused onlooker rather than a great conversationalist. Nonetheless, he has a great job with good pay and is far from bashful when it comes to sex. In fact, he thinks he is God’s gift to women – does he have hidden assets? Patrick thought he was going out with Susan

(for her it was just a fling). Anyway, it’s over. For some reason that isn’t quite clear, he and Sally go on a date.



Jeff works in the same office as Susan and is also Steve’s flatmate. In his own opinion, Jeff is a ‘babe magnet’ – he is good-looking and has that irresistibly confident air, or so it seems. Underneath the bravado, however, he is terrified of sex.





Cast of Coupling

Jack Davenport (as Steve)

Gina Bellman (as Jane)

Sarah Alexander (as Susan)

Kate Isitt (as Sally)

Ben Miles (as Patrick)

Richard Coyle (as Jeff)


Production crew of Coupling

Written by Steven Moffat

Directed by Martin Dennis

Produced by Sue Vertue

Executive Produced by Beryl Vertue


“One of the freshest, funniest comedies to come across the pond in a long while. Smart and sexy…sort of a British melding of Friends and Seinfeld.” –Chad Davis, WGBH Boston


“Extremely clever! Friends wishes it could be as ‘adult’!”

–David Rubinsohn, WHYY Philadelphia


“Exceptional writing. Will definitely attract younger demographics. Best to come along in years.” — Bill Young, KERA Dallas


Watch The BBC’s top comedy series ‘Coupling’ free online now on WOWtv! Click HERE for more information.


*Only available for online viewers in Singapore

© 2000 BBC Worldwide.


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